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Have you ever given any thought about all those wedding customs and traditions you have heard about from the time you were little and old enough to know what wedding meant?
Such customs as wearing a veil over one's face or why rice was chosen to be the item that was thrown.
Here's a couple of well known customs / traditions and where they originated from.
  1. The throwing of rice at newly married couples was a symbol of fertility. In today's environmental conscious society, throwing of rice is frowned upon because of the potential danger to small animals and the safety of people walking and slipping on the round rice. Instead of rice, some now resort to bubbles, rose petals and bird seed.
  2. The cutting of the cake. This being done by both husband and wife symbolizes the couple's unity and shared future.
  3. Because superstition was close to tradition, there was once a fear that mischievous spirits would try to cause trouble at weddings, therefore rose the custom of everyone in the wedding dressing alike in order to confuse these spirits and thus they would turn heel and leave.
  4. Originally the veil was thought to fool evil spirits by disguising the bride but then in the 19th century in Britain, the veil then symbolized modesty and chastity.
  5. Sleeping on a piece of wedding cake had it's own custom. If an unmarried male guest at the wedding were to put a piece of cake beneath his pillow that evening, it was thought to increase his chances of finding a mate. If a single female guest were to do the same, she would dream of her future husband.
  6. In Roman times, the month of May was thought to be a very unlucky month to wed. This was because in the Month of May, both the Festival of the Goddess of Chastity and the Feast of the Dead occurred








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