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Tips For Grooms

Tips for Grooms (taken from good resources...men who have been in your shoes):


  • If you are having your reception at a hotel and they are providing you with a bridal suite for the night, do not forget to bring a change of clothes for the next day.

  • There is a tradition you should be aware of should you wish to prevent embarrassment to you on your wedding day. In this tradition, your groomsmen will steal away your shoes and write with shoe polish on the underside. On one shoe, they will write the word "HELP" and on the other shoe the word "ME" or some variation thereof. When you kneel before the altar, the underside of your shoes will be exposed to your entire congregation. So, be sure to hide your shoes from your groomsmen!

  • Take the marriage license and wedding rings to the rehearsal and see if the officiant will store them until the wedding day. These are two less things not to have to worry about forgetting.
  • Have someone make you sandwiches that you and your new spouse can eat in the car while driving from the ceremony to the reception site. YOU WILL NOT EAT DURING THE RECEPTION - too many people will keep asking to take your picture.
  • Don't obsess. Something will not go as planned, but people will either not notice or will sympathize with you. Enjoy your wedding and laugh stuff off. Best wishes!
  • Guys, don't let your fiancé take all the stress of the planning and budgeting. GET INVOLVED! Not only will it make things easier for both of you, you'll have a ceremony that you'll both look back on and be able to know that you worked on it together.

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