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How Membership Works

When you become a member, you will receive a number of benefits that will help you with this happy day whether you are the happy couple or the supplier of products and services. One of the benefits is the fact that as a couple, you will receive numerous resources to choose from for your product or service you are in need of, as a bridal sponsor, you will be the bearer of good news about the product and services the couple are in need of.

As a couple you will also receive a report that lists the companies that provide the product and/or services you have on your wish list; and as a sponsor, you will receive a report that lists the couples who are in need of your product or service.

The system will soon be automated, but for now, your special page will be generated weekly and the newest list available to you starting on Friday evening if you are a "couples member" and Sunday evening if you are a "Bridal Sponsor". Once the system becomes totally automated, you will be able to generate your own report immediately and at any time.

Once you have become a member, you will be given an ID# which is your "username" for current and future areas. You will also be given a password which will be needed in conjunction with your ID# to access these areas. If at anytime you forget either one, you can request them.

The main protected area you will access at this time will be the reporting area where you will receive (and generate in the future) your leads, or matching participants. These leads are meant to assist you in finding resources for your needs, whether you are the giver or receiver of such services.

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