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Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations

Have you ever been to a wedding or wedding reception and just said "wow, this is an elegant party!" or gazed at a room or chapel prepared for a wedding and been overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the occasion? If so, one of the first things you noticed (either consciously or unconsciously) was probably the wedding decorations. Wedding decorations can take many forms. There are a large number of ways to produce the desired effect on viewers of a reception hall, church or building. This article is designed to provide an overview of various wedding decorations and their uses.

One of the most important decoration decisions involves the use of colors. It is important to pick a color theme that matches the location of the wedding reception and a color them that other decoration concepts can be built upon. Many weddings use white as one of the primary colors because it is a standard wedding color and matches almost all other colors. The color concept has one of the most significant impacts on the reception and wedding. Examples of items that can be impacted by the color scheme are table linens, wall decorations, centerpieces, bridesmaid dresses, and table decorations and wedding favors.

The table linens add a backdrop or a canvas on which to add different decorating ideas. Since tables are one of the first things your guests eyes will be drawn to, the table cloth should be an attractive color. Again many weddings use white because it is a great color and goes with the bride's dress. Usually table linens are all the same color and are part of a set that includes table cloths, napkins, placemats, and special linens. These linens will form the dominant color theme of the reception hall and should be selected to match the overall tone of the room and wedding decorations.

The next important thing to go on the table are the centerpieces, favors, silverware and plates. Each of these should be tastefully designed to complement the linens and the overall tone of the room. The centerpiece is usually something with candles. Candles are a tasteful way to enhance the presentation with lighting. You can also do something with glass, seasonal greens, or flowers in the center. The favors should be tasteful - again white is a good color for a favor. Boxed favors are also very classy. The plates should be a color that is different than the linens, but complements them.

In terms of the room decor, there are a lot of options. However, one piece of advice is to use the natural shape, style, and tones of the room to create an ambiance. Seasonal greens can do well for room that exhibit earth tones and can work for many receptions. Also small pieces of white ribbon or similar material can be draped from one side of the other. We have seen people tastefully use colored balloons, but you will want to be careful so that the room decor doesn't look like a carnival. The lighting is also an important piece of how your guests will see the room. Generally dim lighting is good, but not too dim so that your guests cannot see or talk.

The final piece of advice that we would offer is to decorate in a way that will make you and your friends most happy. Don't stress about it - its your wedding and you can do what you would like.

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