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You may wonder why you would need or even want your own website, am I right?

Well.. most everyone begins thinking like that and end up saying, "WHY didn't I do it sooner?!?"


Here are a few reasons why you may be interested in having your very own website. You would have a domain the name of your choice (as long as it is available) or close to what you'd like. You could have business cards made up to hand out to acquaintances, far away family and friends and neighbors to keep in touch with what's going on in your life.


A personal website is easy and fun to keep. You can include your pets and maybe what you have done for home improvements. Show pictures of your garden or the local parade during a holiday. Maybe have the little ones show off their presents via pictures to relatives that aren't able to drop by whenever they want.


Prices of a personal website varies according to what you would b interested in having displayed on your site. The prices could range from a simple 5-10 page site with few pictures and little updating to start at $499. Or you could have a more elaborate site with guest books and more pages and lots more pictures for as much as $1799. The average personal website runs around $900-1100 to be designed.


If you are interested in a business website, they run a little bit more as they have more "legaleze" to them and more contact and data involved.


If you are interested in either a personal site or a business site, please send mail to: BuySite@MandeWebDesign.com. Put "Saw ad on Internet Wedding Planner" in the body of the message and receive a 10% discount off the design of your site.




Remember.. your site can be of anything you'd like. Most engaged couples end up purchasing a full website to continue on with their lives together.. recording for distant relatives and friends, their honeymoon adventures, vacation plans.. pictures of their first Christmas and first house.. then pictures as their family begins to grow. It is a wonderful way to show off your life!























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