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The companies you can register with are listed below.

This link will give you great insight on Bridal Registry. They have plenty of tips and ways to avoid registry scams. It is a "MUST READ" for all brides/couples.



Some of what you will find on that page:

Why Brides Register Online
Up to 70% of wedding gifts a bride and groom receive were not from their wedding registry, because there are too many logistical roadblocks in the path to your wedding gifts.  For our wedding, we got several glass candle holders, none of which we wanted as we had plenty already, nor were they on our gift list.  So why did we get all these items? Because our guests could not find the items on our list at the very store where we registered. There are advantages to registering your wedding gifts with online sites.  First of all, everything is in writing, all the prices are clearly marked, and it's fast and convenient.  Convenience is the secret to getting all the gifts you want. With online registries, the gifts are mailed to you house so the guests don't lug them to the reception, leaving you with a pile of wedding gifts to deal with at the end of the night.


Make it convenient for your guests, and they won't ditch your registry and go elsewhere to choose a gift you might not want.  Most of the items in your registry have pictures online so your guests can access your gift list, see all the items, click on a picture of the item so they know what they are buying, then add the item to the online shopping cart.  For the bride, it's so easy, just open your registry online, and start checking off the gifts you want, to build your gift list.  The better sites have consultants that can work with you to setup your gift list as well.  The online sites usually list the quantity you have chosen, and what's left that has not been bought yet. 


Online registries have the same great products found at department stores and you can register for china, flatware, barbecue, electronics, DVD players, and more, just like you are standing in a store, only you're sitting at your home PC enjoying a nice cold drink while you're shopping for the items in your registry.


So be sure to read the "tips" on this page: TIPS FOR BRIDAL REGISTRY and then use the links below to register.


You may also want to check out the Gift Registry FAQ.


You may also want to check out the "Do's and Don'ts of Registering"


You may also want to check out the "Registry Checklist" that you can use to make sure you have registered for all that you need and want.


Once you have registered, please fill out the form below and the registries you have signed with will be put on your page so your visitors/friends/family know where you are registered.


If you register somewhere other than links listed below, please include them as well and it will also be put on your page so nothing will be left out.


List of companies to register with: (If you have others you would like to see, please submit a request to:  moreregistries@internetweddingplanner.com


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