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InternetWeddingPlanner.com is one of the original Wedding Planning directories on the internet today. We understand how important this day is for the newly engaged couple and we pull out all stops to make that day as special and perfect as possible.


InternetWeddingPlanner.com is developing a database that will match the sponsors with couples in need of their services. This database will also be a great benefit to the couples as they will be able to view only those sponsors that are of interest to their own particular needs. Knowing that couples need as much help and as many professional tips as possible, the database will be one of the driving forces of the IWP site.


InternetWeddingPlanner.com was started in early 2003 by Maureen Anderson and Lisa Starbard. They felt there was a great need in the Central Massachusetts area for the type of service IWP had plans for. It was then decided that IWP would spread their wings and include whatever area deemed necessary for their "bring together" opportunity. So as you watch from month to month, you will notice IWP grow and expand to include many other areas of the nation.


InternetWeddingPlanner.com's goal is to bring couples and businesses together. Our goal is to provide a complete list of resources and information for planning a wedding, with businesses local to their region to help with the successful, stress free celebration.




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